Day 2 North America Tour - 12th July 2007

Right now we’re back at the hotel in Rochester trying to cool down after a very hot and sweaty gig at the Water Street Music Hall. I hope the rest of the shows will be as good as that one! It was a great way to start the tour, so thanks to everyone who showed up tonight. It’s still really hot outside and we’ve had to phone reception to get the air con on. Gill is sweating buckets here like an old woman having a senior moment! This is my last night sharing with her thank goodness. She likes the telly on and I don’t. She also leaves her stuff lying everywhere which is very annoying for a neat freak like me. It’s so bad that when we came back from the shops today, we walked into the hotel room

Day 1 North American Tour - Wednesday 11th July 2007

North American Tour - Wednesday 11th July 2007 Day One Well what a day it’s been! I’m sure I’ll be repeating that phrase frequently on this tour! As I write this, we’re travelling on the Four West Freeway in New Jersey and our van is limping through rain I thought was only ever seen in Greenock! There is really dramatic lightening and horrendous thunder. It would be true to say that we are terrified! This downpour only started 20minutes ago and the flooding on the road is unbelievable. Thank goodness I brought my T in the Park waterproof with me! The tour actually started on Tuesday afternoon when we had to drive from Glasgow down to Luton airport. We stayed in an oh-so-familiar Travel Lodge

Ireland - June 2007

12th June 2007 - Ireland Well, the alarm went off on Tuesday morning much to our disgust. To say we were knackered is an understatement. Duty called though and off we went to Cork. It was a lovely drive down there from Dublin, but all those country roads weren’t so good for the travel sickness. I think we were all suffering that day! We arrived at the venue sometime in the afternoon and unloaded and set up as quickly as we could since we were looking forward to having dinner in an amazing restaurant we’d been to before. Once the sound check was over we went to the much anticipated restaurant. I have to say we built it up and it wasn’t that good. The pizzas were cold and the pasta wasn’t up t

April 2007 Germany - British Music Week (Part 1)

Hi Everyone! Update on the first half of the British Music Week tour in Germany! I have to say that the whole trip was absolutely brilliant! Germany is a a really cool and happening place. They certainly know their music there! It wasn’t just the gigs that were amazing, the journey over was great too! We drove to Newcastle on the Wednesday afternoon, caught the ferry and sailed through the night to Amsterdam. When we saw how cramped the cabins looked we thought, “Right… the bar for a few loosners or we’lll never get to sleep tonight!“. I was well prepared for this eventuality and packed a cheeky bottle of Gin in amongst my t-shirts……RESULT! Life on the ocean wave was suddenly quite appea

26th March 2007 - SXSW Festival in Austin

Here is part 2 of my American travels! We're in LA at the moment after a few days in San Diego which is a bit of a scary place! We have a night off in Hollywood after 5 gigs in a row and what are we doing? Sitting in the hotel watching rubbish TV. We're knackered! Well the SXSW festival in Texas now seems like a lifetime ago so it's probably a good idea for me to run over the events here before I forget it forever! We arrived in Texas on the 14th March but didn't play our first gig until the following day at 1pm. It's very difficult to explain what this festival is like when you have never seen it. In short, there are a couple of main streets closed off to traffic and every single pub on tho

New York Tour Diary from a hotel in LA - March 2007

NY Blog - Tuesday 20th March 2007 Hi Everyone! Well it's been mental out here in the US! I LOVE IT! I thought I'd drop you all a quick note to let you know what's been happening. Some of you may already know bits of this so sorry for repeating myself! New York was brilliant! I stepped off the plane in the afternoon and thought I'd go to bed for a while since I'd only managed 4 hours sleep but once we got to the Soho area where we were staying I just had to get out and about, it’s an amazing place! I wandered around myself for a while and managed not to get lost. The clothes shops are brilliant but unfortunately our PDs don't stretch that far! Everywhere you look there are take-aways selling