Day 15 North America Tour- Wednesday 25th July 2007

Day 15 North America Tour- Wednesday 25th July 2007 16:46 Well, this morning was little hazy to say the least. We left Kentucky at 11am and are currently on the road to Detroit; home to many a successful musician. The White Stripes, Raconteurs, Detroit Cobras, The Stooges and the Motown greats. We are really excited about going to Detroit given the music history so I hope I’m not disappointed. We are only about 20 minutes from the hotel just now and looking forward to getting a lie down for 30 minutes before we get ready for the gig. My back is aching from last night’s dancing! I must’ve been throwing some great shapes! Detroit is also well known for car manufacturing and heavy industry. As

Day 14 North America Tour - 24th July 2007

Day 14 North America Tour - 24th July 2007 13:14 We’re currently an hour and a half from Kentucky. The weather isn’t so good today. It’s quite overcast but it’s still really warm. We’re hoping we get wi-fi at the hotel so we can post some pictures up on the website for you all to see. Tonight is the last show with Scissors for Lefty so I can feel the madness setting in already. Who knows what’s in store. I’ve noticed that the further in land we travel, the thicker the accents become. The locals don’t understand us and vice versa. We really feel like we’re in the sticks now as the houses look like shacks and there are only about 2 other cars on the road. We’ve actually just passed a lorry wit

Day 13 North America Tour - 23rd July 2007

Day 13 North America Tour - 23rd July 2007 17:00 Today we had the first long lie of the tour. An 11am rise. Sheer bliss. This is the first morning I’ve woken up and not felt like I could sleep for another 12 hours. We went to a K Mart after we left the hotel which is really just a big cheap supermarket. I bought a pillow for $5 for the bus to make my sleepy episodes a bit more bearable. You might think that stealing one from the hotel would be more rock and roll and usually I would. I chickened out this time though. I think I’ve had so many great steals and blags this tour that my luck is about to run out. Maybe that or it was the look of the “female” on reception that put me off. I’m starti

Day 12 North America Tour - 22nd July 2007

Day 12 North America Tour - 22nd July 2007 We woke up at about 10am to try and tackle the huge bags of washing we all had before we set off for Philadelphia. It has to be said that washing day on tour is the most depressing day ever. The ideal situation is to find a laundrette and put your clothes in for a wash and fold, giving someone else the pleasure of this chore. Sadly though, we haven’t been in one place long enough to take advantage of this luxury. Instead, we had to do it ourselves. It’s tough being a rock star. First we had to trek away down to reception to ask for quarters. You’d think we’d asked for gold coins the way the staff react. Honestly. Every checkout, reception or toll bo

Day 11 - North America Tour. 21st July 2007

Day 11 - North America Tour. 21st July 2007 12:18pm Been driving for about 2 hours now and I’m BORED. The best remedy for that is to start the blog. I hope you don’t get bored reading it! There’s still 5 hours of this journey to go so I’ll probably try and get some sleep later on to pass the time. They don’t call me Bagpuss in this band for nothing! We’re on our way to Falls Church, Virginia and the weather once again in glorious. I’ll be coming back from this tour even paler than when I left since we’ve been stuck behind the glass of this bus that I’m beginning to hate. Cabin fever has set in. I feel like a goldfish watching the world pass by. Tippi has crashed out across the backseats and

Day 10 - North America Tour

20:30 Well I predicted that today would be really horrid given the excesses of last night but in actual fact it’s been OK so far! When I got into the bus this morning I was decidedly chirpy (translates as still merry!) I’ve felt brilliant all day until right now, 30 minutes before we go on stage. I’m sure the adrenaline will kick in though and I’ll be on form. I haven’t got much to write about today to be honest. All we’ve done is travel to Boston and then an interview on arrival. Well, I say interview but it was more like a phoner. Gill and I had to phone round all the college radio stations and speak to the music directors for all the shows to thank them fro playing the record and generati

Day 9 North America Tour - 19th July 2007

Day 9 North America Tour - 19th July 2007 14:45 We have just driven over the George Washington Bridge into New York City. It really was like the wacky races getting through it. It’s my turn for the front seat today but I had to shield my eyes on many occasions thinking that we were going to crash into the many lorries pushing there way into our lane. I’m not exaggerating when I say we were terrified! I’m actually celebrating a wee bargain. We had to call in at Sam Ash Music store to get Tippi a new amp since she just blew up the Mesa boogie amp she was borrowing. While the girls were salivating over the many amps and guitars on display, I nipped into the drum room. The kits they have on disp

Day 8 North America - 18th July 2007

Day 8 North America - 18th July 2007 11:05am We’ve all just got up and are getting ready to hit the road to New Jersey. I’m glad we’re not staying in this Days Inn for another night. It’s mingin’. The numbers on the room doors are scraped off and the paint is peeling off the walls. Classy joint. When we arrived Gill was scared to take the bed near the door in case someone came in and attacked us but she had no option since I was under the covers in the other bed within 5 seconds of crossing the threshold. Nae luck! 15:03 Rosie has taken the helm and Frank has crashed out in the back seat of the bus. (Well done Rosie…the only one with the balls to drive on the other side of the road!). Frank’

Day 7 North America - Tuesday 17th July 2007

11:40 It’s another glorious day in Toronto. We’re just about to be booted out the hotel so I thought I’d make an early start on the blog. I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to yet since we have all afternoon to hang around before a radio interview at 5pm. The area we’re staying at the moment us a bit shady so we might head into the financial centre where all the nice buildings are for a look around. I’ve been up since 7:30am when Rosie left to do a radio show. The plan was to go back to sleep but I just couldn’t do it. There are trams running past the hotel every 2 minutes that keep us awake and my ear plugs kept falling out.....big lugs. I ended up just getting up and sending some vide

Day 6 - North America Tour - 16th July 2007

Day 6 - North America Tour - 16th July 2007 Toronto 22:15 Rosie and I are in the hotel being geeks updating the myspace and Bebo etc. Sex in the City is on in the background but I’m not that bothered about the telly being on tonight since the room in this hotel is a bit grim. We’ve just been out for an amazing meal in China Town and are lying down as we stuffed our faces. I had the best satay noodle soup I’ve ever tasted. Afterwards, we took a wander round to the gig we’re playing tomorrow night. The venue is called The Horseshoe and looks really cool. It has a bit of a 50s theme going on with loads of Elvis memorabilia on the walls and rock n roll on the jukebox. The barman had an impressiv

Day 5 - North America Sunday 15th July 2007

Day 5 - North America Sunday 15th July 2007 Well, I haven’t been able to write much as we went along today since the journey from Quebec to Toronto took 10 hours and the battery on my laptop ran out within the first 3 hours since I was listening to my DJ set for the aftershow and messing about with photos! To be honest, nothing exciting really happened on the road to Toronto. I managed to sleep for about 30minutes but woke up with a sore neck so it wasn’t ideal. I think we managed the 10hours being couped up pretty well! I think my terrible jokes and bad singing kept everyone entertained (aye right!). We arrived at the venue at around 7pm. There was no time to go to the hotel first so we had

Day 4 - Saturday 14th July 2007

Day 4 - Saturday 14th July 2007 08:05am Back in the bus. I get the front seat today. Bonus! My back is actually aching so I’m glad. We’ve got huge cabinets and heads to lug around on this tour and I think the heavy load-ins are taking their toll on the wee back injury I got up at a gig in Inverness earlier this year. For those who don’t know about that, we were playing a gig in a school and as we were carrying in the equipment I tripped over a drum bag and was thrown up in the air, landing right onto a monitor; the corner of which dug right into my lower back around the kidneys. I was screaming in agony at the time and couldn’t get off the ground. By the time the doctor had arrived, I was ab

Day 3 - Friday 13th July 2007

Day 3 - Friday 13th (unlucky) July 2007 13:15 Well, the Diet Coke addiction is back. I managed to rid myself of this weakness after the last tour in America but I’ll be back in The Priory again come August. It’s just too easy here. They don’t do small bottles, it’s a big manly 600ml that’s the smallest and if you don’t drink it in one go while it’s cold, it goes to waste and before you know it you’re craving another. It’s definitely a conspiracy. We’re currently on the road to nowhere, in territory that reminds me of that sinister film, Deliverance. We’re still convinced our long suffering tour manager, Frank is going to abandon us in this desolate countryside, pleading insanity. We just can