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Bute West Island Way - Final “rest” Day

Updated: May 3, 2021

10 mile cycle home

Unusually, we had a late night after 2 days of non-stop activity. I can’t remember the last time I saw 2am on the clock. I’ll put it down to the exceptional playlist keeping everyone entertained and I’m glad there was a limited supply of beer in the fridge or today would’ve been a lot worse for me!

As we had covered the whole route on Friday and Saturday, today was a leisurely stroll up behind Rothesay town following the Woodland Path to Ardencraig Gardens where we stumbled upon a vast collection of plants - some tropical - and various birds in an aviary. It was a nice unexpected stop on our walk and we stole a heat in the greenhouses - lovely!

We walked back to Rothesay Town via the shore front in a biting east wind feeling lucky that we managed the West Island Way in such calm and warm conditions.

The Kettle Drum cafe was the lunch stop before the ferry home. I was seriously flagging by this point but a burger and huge slice of cheesecake brought me back to life! We spoke with the cafe owners and it turned out the man had originally come from Greenock and emigrated to Australia for many years. Him and his Australian wife had come back and forth to Bute a couple of times and decided to set up the cafe a few years ago. The food was delicious - especially the homemade cheesecake! Will be back for sure.

It was a mad dash for the ferry now as we had to run back to the digs for the bags and sprint to the bikes we’d tied up in the town centre to attach the panniers. We made it with minutes to spare and in no time at all, were back in Wemyss Bay. Now it was time for the final leg of the journey with 10 miles to do to get back to Greenock via the coastal route and a horrid hill up through Wemyss Bay. We managed it but it was a lung buster with so much weight on the bikes plus rucksacks.

The final sight as we trundled along Cloch Road was a pod of dolphins! They were so close to the shore and really rising out the water as they ploughed through the waves. We’re used to seeing porpoise on the Clyde but these were much bigger and real show-stoppers. Video below but it doesn’t capture them as well as I’d hoped.

What a lovely end to an excellent weekend with great folks. We have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were happy to help our chosen charity Mind Mosaic along the way. (

Big thanks to everyone who has sponsored us. We have managed to raise over £1200 which Sir Tom Hunter will top up by 50% and I know Mind Mosaic are extremely thankful and grateful for this.

If anyone else would like to donate, you have until midnight tonight for the 50% Tom Hunter top-up. Just click this link:

Thanks everyone - over and out til the next adventure!

The Engine, V.Diddy, Bobtale & The Great Ludini x

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