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release your inner rockstar!

I am so passionate about playing drums and really hope my stories of what it's like to tour and perform all over the world are inspiring the young kids who come to me for lessons every week. I think it's important that the tutor is also an active perfomer to keep everything relevant and in perspective. If the student ends up a better player than me, then my work is done!


I am a drummer who understands you must play for the song and think more about feel and groove. Overplaying is not clever - it's just not musical. I preach this mantra to the Hit Squad kids every day and I hope they are listening! To quote Miles Davies "It's not the notes you play, it's the notes you don't play".


I teach my students to play the songs they like,  in full whilst reading the notation. This way, they are learning to read music but also learning where and how to fill. By videoing the finished song, they are improving their timing by playing along to the original track. These videos are also their introduction to the performance aspect of playing.


You can see my students in action on my YouTube Channel here: 





If you would like to book lessons with me please go to my Contact tab. 






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