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9th May 2021

15 years after The Hedrons released "One More Wont Kill Us", Glasgow Independent label, Last Night From Glasgow approached us asking if we wanted to re-release it on vinyl on their Past Night From Glasgow outlet. Of course we jumped at the chance as it was never on vinyl before. It's available to pre-order now at

We are very excited about this opportunity and there may even be a one-off gig in support of it too. Anyone pre-ordering will receive the album oct/Nov 2021 ahead of the February release. Get on board! 

5th July 2020

My function band, The Revel Sparks have been having withdrawals  from not playing due to Covid restrictions. We decided to record one of our favourites in isolation for you to enjoy too. We hope this brightens up your day. Please remember us when it's time to book party bands again, We are eager to make 2021 really count! Thanks 

29th June 2020

I've been teaching this mash-up to my students in the hope I can make a video of them all playing it in isolation. It's been a bit os a project for them during 'lockdown'. Hopefully I will have all their submissions soon. 

In the meantime, here is me playing it through tonight at my studio for a bit of fun. Enjoy!

17th February 2020

Super excited to be playing the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh on Thursday and a SOLD OUT Oran Mor on Friday with Altered Images! We rarely get the chance to play in Scotland so I'll be proud (and nervous!) to perform to lots of my friends & Altered Images fans who've never seen us live. It's always great fun to play with this band and these shows will be extra special as they are on home turf. See you there!

Saturday 8th February 2020

Lola in Slacks - the Flying Duck

A great gig with my beloved 'slackers'. Weather-wise an absolutely wild night and with storm Ciara hammering through the west coast, I fully expected 2 people in the audience. By the time we went on stage, the hall was full of people eager to see us play so if you were one of them, much respect and gratitude for making the effort - we are grateful! It was the most relaxed I have ever felt on a stage and I think everyone in the band felt it was our best performance to date. The night was made even more special as my sister was on drums with her band YAKIMA warming up the audience for us. I love their sound and I thought the band were on fire that night. They have certainly gained some new fans! Their latest single "It Helped" is out now and you can hear it here:

Thursday 30th January

Inverclyde Music Festival 2020

Today was the annual music festival in Inverclyde which brings together children from across the area to compete in music, country dance and speech. I entered 8 of my students into the drum kit category this year and was delighted that 2 of them scored a 1st and 2nd place certificate. All of my students performed to an excellent standard which was plain to see. I am so proud of every single one of them for getting up on the stage and performing solo to a room full of strangers and peers. They are all great drummers who will be an asset to any band in the future

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