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Day 20 North America Tour - Monday 30th July 2007


Today is grim. I’m sure this is the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go home where the drink is too dear and temptation is less. I can’t believe the time of night and I’m still contemplating being sick. We left Chicago at 10am and should be in New Jersey by 11pm. The journey is horrendous but only 3 hours to go. I’ve tried to sleep a few times but the seats are far too uncomfortable. We’ve only stopped a couple of times so we’re making good progress.

Not much has happened on the journey expect where we almost ran into a burst couch in the middle of the freeway! I kid you not, we were driving along and huge clumps of stuffing were flying into the windscreen. As we got further along, there was a man with the remains of a couch on the back of a pickup truck trying in vain to save the last cushion. We almost ran into the rest of it at 70mph. God knows what happened to it. Something must’ve attacked it from above Maybe the seagulls didn’t like the pattern. The things you see.

Right now, Gill is to my left and Rosie is sitting behind. I’m about to put my music on since I can hear the spill from both their headphones and it’s extremely annoying. Between that and the constant adverts on the twittering radio in the front, I think I’m beginning to lose the rag. It’s clear that the tour is at an end. Little things like that get on your nerves on the home straight.


Pulling our hair out now. We’re an hour away from the hotel according to Betty so we’ve been travelling for 12 hours. We’re so bored that we’ve played the alphabet game for an hour and half. How sad. The game is where each person has to name a band beginning with the letter a, b, c and so on. We got bored of that so we changed it so you have to pick a band using the last letter of the band given just before. So, if someone said Rolling Stones then the next person would pick a band starting with “s”. We got fed up of that so now Gill and Rosie are playing slappsie in the dark and it sounds painful. They both have really massive hands for birds so it sounds nasty. I’m keeping out of it. Someone just said thumb wars is next. Weans! I NEED OFF THIS BUS!


To set the scene, we’re driving in complete darkness and there is lightning outside. We can just see each other’s silhouettes and have started scaring each other with horror stories. I’m the back seat and when I look over my shoulder I can just see black where all the gear is. I’m now terrified that someone is in there and is going to jump out. Well, they could’ve sneaked in when we were at a service station. I’m definitely developing bed sores from sitting in the same position all day. I may need medical attention when we arrive for the physical and mental scars this journey has caused.


Bliss. The journey from hell is over. We’re at the hotel, jammies on and Sex in the City is on the telly. Homeward bound tomorrow. Yay!

Night night. Soup x

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