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West Coast Tour Day 11 - Friday 30th November 2007


We’re in the bus on our way to Las Vegas!

According to Tippi it’s fun day Friday but at the moment we feel a bit hungover and the weather is awful- not fun. We left LA at about 10:30 and decided to drop in at Indie 103 FM where Gill and I did and interview last week. The reason for landing in at the station was because Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols was going to be getting ready to start his weekly radio show. When Gill and I were last at the station we left a note for Steve that he must’ve seen already. The note said; “Dear Steve, The Hedrons kicked your ass last week at the SECC. Tell Johnny that he’s a big pussy cat and he doesn’t scare us, love Gill & Soup x”.

So today when we turned up at the station, Steve was running late so we had to leave another note as we were tight for time on getting to Las Vegas. This time, the note read;

“ Dear Steve, It’s your favourite girls here from The Hedrons. We thought we’d drop in our way to Las Vegas to say hello but had to boost since we might miss our sound check. We’ll definitely meet up next time we are in LA. Much stalker love, Soup, Rosie, Gill, Tippi xxxx”.

We pinned a badge to it and left it on the door to the studio. We’re now listening to his program and he’s interviewing Santa, no not Santana….Santa! Hmmmmm…..!

The traffic is horrendous and the roads are in a bad way with this rain as there are no drains so the place just floods. The heat in the bus is not good for the fuzzy heads but it’s either that or have steamie windows. We all had vegetable Burritos for breakfast/lunch which were lovely but the beans are having a volcanic effect on someone’s belly in this bus. That stench in this heat is melting faces more than one of Rosie’s solos. We’ll blame Frank.


Tired, tired, tired. Desert, desert, desert. We’re almost at Las Vegas and the rain here as been a nightmare. I thought it didn’t rain in deserts. The cacti are getting a good drink anyway. Our sound check is at 16:45 so we’re running a wee bit late. There’s a first for everything. I’ve just realised I’m going to have to dig my suitcase out the back of the van and get different clothes for the show tonight. I look like a burst couch to be honest. We’re currently on the outskirts of Las Vegas and the skyline has suddenly changed from road and salt flats to huge glitzy buildings, all singing, all dancing billboards and blinding neon lights. It’s bizarre how it just appears. Just wait til the Hedrons hit Vegas. It’s going to carnage again tonight!

Well, carnage indeed! We walked onstage to the best applause and cheers of the tour. Again, Flower of Scotland got the crowd going so by the time we walked on stage, they felt like extras in Braveheart. We rattled through the set earning more respect with every song. The Sparra took flight into the mosh pit and was tossed about a fair bit. Great crowd surfing action. She came back with teeth in tact and not a stitch missing from her clothing so they were kind.

As soon as we got to the dressing room, we grabbed a pile of CDs and all 4 of us dived into the crowd taking a different section each. We decided this is the best plan of action as people were not going to lose their spot for Social Distortion coming on so we intercepted their fans easily! We’ve managed to convert at least another 1000 people to the Hedrons. How amazing! Rosie and Tippi did an interview for ABC radio which is being broadcast to 1200 radio station across America so that was a big deal for us! You could say it was a busy night!

Once we managed to drag Gill and Rosie out the Casino at the gig, we made our way to our hotel through the bright lights of Las Vegas. We were completely wiped out when we got to our rooms. It’s hard work playing a set and then going straight into the crowd to sell before you’ve even caught your breath. I had no voice left from shouting my sales pitch!

Tippi and I had been in our room for about 5 minutes and had started to get ready for the DJ set we were to play at The Beauty Bar when she turned an odd colour. A couple of minutes later she was in the bathroom throwing up. It was projectile vomit. Lovely. She wasn’t in a good way at all so we made the decision to go on and do the DJ set without her while she went straight to bed. We came back from the DJing at about 2am and fell into our beds. What a day. We were knackered. I wasn’t asleep for long when I was wakened by the awful wretching. The sound of Tippi screaming down the great white telephone every hour on the hour was fabulous! It eventually stopped at about 7am and I was able to sleep in til late. Things are not looking good for the last gig of the tour tonight.

Soup x

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