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West Coast Tour Day 12 - Saturday 1st December 2007

What a horrendous sleep last night. By the time mid morning came, we had to call the doctor in for Tippi. It turns out she’d caught a virus and was given a shot in the bum to take away the back and stomach pain and stop the sickness. She was out the game with the shot so I made myself scarce and hit the Las Vegas Shopping Outlet. By the time I came back at 6pm, the Sparra was still sound asleep! So, I went out for a huge steak with Gill and came back again at 8pm to collect my gig gear. By that time, Tippi was sitting up but she was away with the birds and just really weak. There was no way she was able to play the gig so we had to cancel the show, something that we never do unless your arm is hanging off. As a compromise, we thought we’d DJ again at the Beauty Bar as there were a load of people coming down to the gig who saw us the night before at The House of Blues and we didn’t want to disappoint them. The manager agreed to it and was glad to have us there in some shape or form so it all worked out for the best.

Gill & I already arrived at the gig before it was opened so, along with Ernesto our PR guy, we explored some pubs in the vicinity- naturally. Every pub we went to seemed uninviting. They wouldn’t accept our photo card driver’s license as ID and insisted on seeing our passports. What a bunch of tossers. As if we’re going to carry around passports when hitting the town. We would end up losing them. Well, we stormed out of every pub that wouldn’t take our ID (when every other state we’ve been in does accept that) and found a great bar next door to the gig. There was a juke box, comfy seats, nice surroundings and reasonably priced beer. What more could we need?! After falling about laughing at Ernesto walking into a glass door we decided to leave and see what stage Frank N Faffer was at in negotiating our DJ set time at the Beauty Bar. He got 10 rock points since he got things sorted in a record 5 minutes AND blagged us a free bar all night. Result!

When we walked into the venue it was pretty busy with people who’d seen us play with Social Distortion! We posed for loads of pictures with them and then took to the decks. It was quite good fun and I only fell out with Gill about 4 times for hovering drinks over my laptop in a precarious manner. We got loads of good rock n roll tunes on the go and a few dodgy dance numbers from Rosie. The free bar was abused by us all and Rosie drove us home to let Frank wet his whistle for the first time on this tour!

When we got to the car park of the hotel, I clocked a helicopter parked up for the night! Of course, myself and Gill (Rhythm and booze) had to go and inspect it. I climbed aboard and Gil took a few pics. I felt like Anika Rice on Challenge Anika. Shortly afterwards I fell in the door of my hotel room at about 2:30am and left Gill to wander into the hotel casino. That lassie is hardcore. It was lights out for me and I hoped the alcohol would scare off any germs from the Sparra who was still comatose.

The alarm was set for 8am.The hangover loomed and a grim 5 hour drive to LA.

Soup x

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