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Day 2 North America Tour - 12th July 2007

Right now we’re back at the hotel in Rochester trying to cool down after a very hot and sweaty gig at the Water Street Music Hall. I hope the rest of the shows will be as good as that one! It was a great way to start the tour, so thanks to everyone who showed up tonight.

It’s still really hot outside and we’ve had to phone reception to get the air con on. Gill is sweating buckets here like an old woman having a senior moment! This is my last night sharing with her thank goodness. She likes the telly on and I don’t. She also leaves her stuff lying everywhere which is very annoying for a neat freak like me. It’s so bad that when we came back from the shops today, we walked into the hotel room and I thought we’d been burgled. There was stuff everywhere.

We have had quite a successful day. I think it was about 10am when we got up and we did all feel quite refreshed after the last couple of travel days. Tippi and Rosie had to get up at 7:30am to go and do a breakfast radio show whilst Gill and I got to lie in a wee bit longer. By the time we ponced about in front of the mirror it was 12pm, so we went for breakfast burritos at a cool café across from the hotel.. As usual, we were not off duty and managed to get the staff there along to the gig tonight. The shop, as we say, is never shut. Later on in the afternoon we took a walked round Rochester. We didn’t really find any shopping malls which was quite disappointing for us girls! We are actually on the look out for American GHD hair straighteners as ours don’t work here and the cheap ones we bought last time are rubbish. They don’t seem to have caught on to the hair straightening concept here which is unthinkable really.

After the jaunt round the town, we went to House of Guitars to do an instore gig. Now none of us had ever seen a music shop quite like this. The place was filled with guitars that had been there since it opened in the 60s! The drum kits were also rather amazing! I had my eye on a 1967 Ludwig copy of a Ringo kit! Once we sell millions of records, I’ll get one!

We played a blinding set in the shop to what seemed like a hardened rock crowd but they were really all pussycats and they loved it. In fact, many of them came over to the gig later on that night.

The gig at The Water Street Music Hall was brilliant, We were chuffed at the number of people that came to see us - around 200, so a major success. We were well looked after also (the pizza was tremendous!) and everyone was so friendly and helpful.

After the show we headed straight back to the hotel where I am now. Knackered. I thought I’d get the blog done now cos in the morning I’ll forget! It’s starting to thunder outside so I think I’ll be wearing my SilverJet eye mask so I don’t see the lightening. We might be a punk rock band but we’re still scared of the lightening!

We’re up early to head to Vermont. Night night.

Soup x

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