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Day 3 - Friday 13th July 2007

Day 3 - Friday 13th (unlucky) July 2007


Well, the Diet Coke addiction is back. I managed to rid myself of this weakness after the last tour in America but I’ll be back in The Priory again come August. It’s just too easy here. They don’t do small bottles, it’s a big manly 600ml that’s the smallest and if you don’t drink it in one go while it’s cold, it goes to waste and before you know it you’re craving another. It’s definitely a conspiracy.

We’re currently on the road to nowhere, in territory that reminds me of that sinister film, Deliverance. We’re still convinced our long suffering tour manager, Frank is going to abandon us in this desolate countryside, pleading insanity. We just can’t believe we’ve had a tour manager this long. It’s unheard of. The theory is that he’s been chipped in order to endure a life on the road with us or threatened by the powers that be at No Half Measures Towers. Probably the latter.

We’ve been on the road now for 4.5 hours, so just 2 more hours to go. There’s not much chat on the bus. Everyone is listening their MP3 players and frantically building play lists. We’re all compiling DJ sets for the aftershow party in Toronto. I think we get to spin the wheel for 45mins each which is brilliant. It’ll be like the ipod game we play on tour except I’ll not be able to hear complaints from either of the band cos the music will be blaring....a far cry from my wee portable speakers. I’m sure it’ll all end in tears though when we come to blows over who gets to play Graham Coxon or Led Zep. Tippi, if you’re reading this, I hit things for a living. You have been warned.


We’re now 22 miles from Burlington and we’ve been stuck behind a huge lorry laden with very loose logs for the last hour. Earlier on we drove over the Vermont Bridge which basically is the bridge into Vermont State.

Just to put you in the picture, we’ve just passed somenone’s garden and there was a random camel in it! I kid you not! It was quite surreal.

I have to say that we are looking forward to visiting Burlington since when we have had a few beers we refer to the state of mind as burlin’;“ I need to go home, I’m pure burlin’’(for the non-sottish readers) , so we feel we’ll fit right in.

According to Betty the sat nav we should be at the gig at 16:16. I can’t wait. My legs have seized up.


Well we’re now back at the hotel after a pretty mental night. I thought the crowd were going to be tough. They seemed quite reserved but we won them over and had them shouting for an encore by the end! Once again, the people were really lovely and made us feel very welcome. One guy in particular drove all the way from Boston to see us which is pretty commendable since it’s a 3.5hour journey!

The day in general passed without hitch, given that it’s Friday 13th , until Tippi had an incident with her new cream coloured converse. I was standing at the back of the venue with a glass of red wine in my hand and put in down on the ground so that I could fix my new hat and out bounded Tippi shouting about stickers or something and kicked the glass over. Red wine spilled over her lovely new converse so I immediately took the glass of white wine out her hand and threw that over them too (apparently this cancels out the red stain). This all happened 5 minutes before stage time so she was raging. One shoe was a pretty pink colour and the other spotless cream! By the time I’d thrown a bottle of water over it to try and remove more staining, the whole shoe was dripping wet! She had to go on stage wearing the soaking wet shoe. I shouldn’t laugh but it was quite amusing. We stuck it the basin back in the hotel and rubbed soap all over it and it’s now changed to a lovely blue colour! Oh well, maybe she’ll start a new trend. We'll hang it out the van window tomorrow to dry.

It’s time for me to go to bed now as we’re up at 6am and at this rate I’ll be lucky to get 6 hours sleep. I can’t play a good Hedrons set unless I’ve had 8 hours sleep so I feel I may be crabbit tomorrow.

Soup x

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