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Day 5 - North America Sunday 15th July 2007

Day 5 - North America Sunday 15th July 2007

Well, I haven’t been able to write much as we went along today since the journey from Quebec to Toronto took 10 hours and the battery on my laptop ran out within the first 3 hours since I was listening to my DJ set for the aftershow and messing about with photos! To be honest, nothing exciting really happened on the road to Toronto. I managed to sleep for about 30minutes but woke up with a sore neck so it wasn’t ideal. I think we managed the 10hours being couped up pretty well! I think my terrible jokes and bad singing kept everyone entertained (aye right!).

We arrived at the venue at around 7pm. There was no time to go to the hotel first so we had to get our suitcases from the van and open them up on the pavement. How undignified! It’s bad enough Frank catching a glimpse of your bra and knickers strewn across your suitcase, never mind unsuspecting members of the public!

Everyone’s ipods and computers had dead batteries so as soon as we got into the gig, every socket on the place was filled with our precious items (we are all Heatseekers right enough!). Next we had to smarten up as we were doing a photoshoot and we looked pretty rough it has to be said! So, in true toilet tour the toilets! After we plastered on the slap and freshened up, we were looking a million dollars! By this time it was 7.30 and the photographer was arriving at 8 so we had just enough time to go and grab something to eat. I had been good all day and had eaten only fruit and salad so I had a guilt free slice of pizza which was probably about the size of a 12” pizza back home! Delicious! We saw the photographer arrive just ahead of us further down the street so we had a quick check that our faces were clean in the van’s wing mirrors. Classy chicks!

The chap who took the pics, Jesse, was very nice and he took us to a couple of locations just round from the gig. The pictures looked absolutely amazing. He also thought that we were only around 21 so he’s welcome to our shows anytime! What a charmer.

The gig itself kicked off at 8:30pm and we weren’t on til 11:20pm so we had time to chill out and listen to the support bands. In between we were checking the ipods were charged since they were needed for the DJ set at the aftershow! The venue was cool and really busy. This apparently is unusual since most people who live there go up north to their cottages at the weekend and come back on the Sunday night so the promoter was really chuffed at the turnout.

Later on that night we went down to the van to bring the gear in. Not a task we were looking forward to since the load in was 3 flights up. I should mention at this point that we had an incident when we opened our suitcase containing the pedals and cables. The case in question weighs a ton and we caused a scene dragging it across the floor in front of a huge crowd and a band already on. We opened the case at the front of the stage to get the tuners etc out. Bearing in mind it was quite dark , Gill put her hand in the case to get something and pulled out a pair of knickers which she proceeded to hold up in front of everyone! Frank of course was getting the blame! On closer inspection however, it became clear that the pants belonged to a lady! We couldn’t work it out since this case stays in the van and is only used for gear! Well, everyone in the room knew what was going on by now and then Tippi realised that she was actually shouting about her own pants!!! She must’ve left them in there from whenever she last used the case! Hahaha! Well, Frank got his apology and Tippi had a very red face indeed! Honestly, there are no ladies in this band!

Once we had stopped laughing we actually got set up and played an absolute blinder although we were really really tired after the long day travelling and then all the activity when we arrived (posing is hard work, OK!) After the gig we did a couple of interviews but the DJ set at the aftershow party was starting at midnight so Gill and Rosie had to go on ahead whilst Tippi and I sorted the gear and sold the swag.

We eventually got to the aftershow at 1am where Rosie and Gill had the punters jiving away! Tippi and I got onto the decks at 1:30 am and were hyper! I think we running on nerves since we were knackered! The party finished at 2am so by the time we were dragged out the place by Frank and had a carry on outside the pub, we didn’t get back to the hotel until 3am! I don’t know where time went! I do remember struggling to carry my suitcase up the stairs to the hotel when 2 blokes from Newcastle came to our aid, which was just as well since the handle on my case broke completely. Cheap Matalan rubbish.

Another successful evening we would say. Only a measly 6 hours sleep though before we get ready to rock tomorrow! Disaster!

Soup x

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