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Day 6 - North America Tour - 16th July 2007

Day 6 - North America Tour - 16th July 2007

Toronto 22:15

Rosie and I are in the hotel being geeks updating the myspace and Bebo etc. Sex in the City is on in the background but I’m not that bothered about the telly being on tonight since the room in this hotel is a bit grim. We’ve just been out for an amazing meal in China Town and are lying down as we stuffed our faces. I had the best satay noodle soup I’ve ever tasted.

Afterwards, we took a wander round to the gig we’re playing tomorrow night. The venue is called The Horseshoe and looks really cool. It has a bit of a 50s theme going on with loads of Elvis memorabilia on the walls and rock n roll on the jukebox. The barman had an impressive 50s rock n roll hair do. We’ve heard from various people that it’s quite a legendary music venue and loads of bands have graced the stage who are now really well known. We’ll hopefully become one of those bands!

Earlier on today, we left the hotel at about 12pm to go and do a live set for the internet radio station Punk Radio Cast. The set up was quite bizarre as it is a young guy called Danny who’s about 23 who runs the station, from the basement of his house! The street the house was in can only be described as Wsyteria Lane! The house itself was MASSIVE, just like the ones you see on the telly! Danny had started the station as a hobby about 8 years ago and it’s now a major success. Last month he had 15 million listeners and is now the biggest internet radio station in the world!

So there we were with the gear marching through this lovely big house with our big dirty feet, trying not to mark the walls and skirtings. The biggest cat in Canada lived in the basement and appeared to eat it’s own body weight in cat food throughout the entire 20 minute set. It had to be removed in the end since we all have an allergy to cats except Gill and it was making us sneeze really badly! There was also a great we scottie dog called, Eddie who could give you a high 5. Pretty impressive we thought.

We were well looked after with drinks and even a box of donuts. I didn’t take to do with the donut eating since I’m currently only eating fruit and veg throughout the day and having a proper dinner at night. I’m on a different diet every week. it’s a losing battle when you’re on tour. Healthy options aren’t always available in petrol stations in the middle of nowhere on the freeways! It’s no wonder America has an obesity problem cos it really is true that everything is double the size here. It’s torture!!!

After the radio station we just chilled out at the hotel and then went for dinner at 7. We’re all pretty knackered and glad to have a night off. So in true punk rock style, we’re hitting the hay early as we’re up at 6:30am to do a radio show.

Over and out til tomorrow.

Soup x

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