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Day 10 - North America Tour


Well I predicted that today would be really horrid given the excesses of last night but in actual fact it’s been OK so far!

When I got into the bus this morning I was decidedly chirpy (translates as still merry!) I’ve felt brilliant all day until right now, 30 minutes before we go on stage. I’m sure the adrenaline will kick in though and I’ll be on form.

I haven’t got much to write about today to be honest. All we’ve done is travel to Boston and then an interview on arrival. Well, I say interview but it was more like a phoner. Gill and I had to phone round all the college radio stations and speak to the music directors for all the shows to thank them fro playing the record and generating interest in the band. You wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing back home but the way radio play works over here is much diferent. College radio has the power to make a band as it’s so popular. As I was saying before, the radio stations we skip through on the bus are all 80s based; there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of new music. We’ve discovered that the popularity in internet based radio stations starts here in America, hence why we do a lot of interviews and performances on those types of stations. Gill and myself worked our way through a list of about 30 stations., leaving messages or speaking to the show directors, thanking them for their support. They seemed so chuffed that we actually took the time to do that, so it was a worthy excersise.

There was no chat on the bus since all day we were all suffering.

As soon as we got set up at the gig, we headed to the nearest burger joint to sort us out. Just the tonic. I have to say that the gig wasn’t really that busy, a first for this tour. According to Scissors for Lefty , Boston is like that! It seems like a really lovely place though and would quite like to come back sometime and spend more time looking around.

After the show we hit the highway back to the hotel where I think we all had the best sleep of our lives.

Soup x

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