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Day 8 North America - 18th July 2007

Day 8 North America - 18th July 2007 11:05am

We’ve all just got up and are getting ready to hit the road to New Jersey. I’m glad we’re not staying in this Days Inn for another night. It’s mingin’. The numbers on the room doors are scraped off and the paint is peeling off the walls. Classy joint. When we arrived Gill was scared to take the bed near the door in case someone came in and attacked us but she had no option since I was under the covers in the other bed within 5 seconds of crossing the threshold. Nae luck!


Rosie has taken the helm and Frank has crashed out in the back seat of the bus. (Well done Rosie…the only one with the balls to drive on the other side of the road!).

Frank’s done-in, since yesterday he was up for 22hours and we had to be out the hotel by 12pm today. Earlier on we had to stop at a dollar store (US equivalent to the pound shop) and buy disinfectant spray to conquer the smell of spilt beer in the bus. I have to say I was feeling a little ropey this morning and when we opened the side door to the van, which had been sitting in stifling heat all morning, we were greeted by the stench of stale beer - I thought I may be sick. Once the clean up operation was over we hit a nearby Tim Horton’s. It’s the first time we’d been in one of those and I have to say it was amazing. The biggest sandwich possible was needed to straighten us out along with a huge bowl of soup (needless to say I’ve fallen off the fruit and veg wagon for today!)

We’ve been driving for about 2 hours and hope to be in New Jersey at around 7pm. Betty doesn’t recognise the address though, so I dare say there’ll be a good bit if faffing about as we seek out the hotel. Back to concentrating on the road for now. Not that I don’t trust Rosie’s driving, it’s the other nutters you have to watch. I think they get there licences in lucky bags over here.


There’s something extremely satisfying about listening to Led Zep BBC Sessions on the MP3 player full bung whilst cruising down the American Freeway. The two go hand in hand.

We’re all starting get a little fidgety on the bus. Betty is telling us we’ll be in New Jersey in about an hour. Now Frank is back at the wheel we’ll probably knock 30mins off that time. Apart from the tarmac, we’re seeing some nice scenery. We just saw a deer at the side of the road; I don’t mean road-kill, it was chewing on a Big Mac or something.


Today has been very unhealthy one. All we’ve done is sit on our bums. Right now we’re sitting in the hotel room in New Jersey watching dreadful American TV and trying to digest a spectacularly calorie laden burger from Fuddruckers (yes you read it correctly). Disgustingly unhealthy yet tasty all the same. They know how to do junk food here. You could help yourself to as many chillies, gherkins, sauces and soft drinks as you like. The burgers are bigger than your own face and there are enough chips (sorry fries) to feed a family of 4 for a week. After today’s bad diet, it’s back to the fruit and salad tomorrow. It’s easy to eat healthily in New York City though since sushi and salad bars are plentiful and it’s relatively cheap.

We’re just going to veg out tonight and try and find a film between the adverts. There’s thunder and lightening outside again, so we’ll just hide inside behind the curtains!

Over and out. Soup x

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