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Day 13 North America Tour - 23rd July 2007

Day 13 North America Tour - 23rd July 2007


Today we had the first long lie of the tour. An 11am rise. Sheer bliss. This is the first morning I’ve woken up and not felt like I could sleep for another 12 hours. We went to a K Mart after we left the hotel which is really just a big cheap supermarket. I bought a pillow for $5 for the bus to make my sleepy episodes a bit more bearable. You might think that stealing one from the hotel would be more rock and roll and usually I would. I chickened out this time though. I think I’ve had so many great steals and blags this tour that my luck is about to run out. Maybe that or it was the look of the “female” on reception that put me off. I’m starting to wonder if Days Inn staff are programmed in a lab somewhere in the earth’s core. They are neither human or real.

We’ve been on the road now for 4 hours and I have to say that it’s passing easily today. I’ve even read Rosie’s National Enquirer Magazine, reaching a new low. They say every day is a school day and reading that certainly was an education.

Betty reckons we’ll be in Charleston at about 8:40pm so as long as we don’t stop too many times then that’ll be OK. I’d better lay of the Diet Coke then. The journey takes 9 hours in total and when we get up tomorrow, we’ll have to do another 3.5hours to get to Lexington, Kentucky, for the show.

I’m glad we’ve got tonight off as I’ve found the last 2 gigs a struggle with the tiredness. By tomorrow we’ll all be completely refreshed and ready for action. It’s killing me watching the glorious sunshine from the van. I suppose rock stars are usually pasty white, no tanned ones spring to mind anyway (apart from Ricky Martin but not sure that he would come under the rock category).

Well, we got to the hotel at about 8:45pm and just went straight to our rooms. The hotel was a wee bit on the depressing side and a bit scary. The room was really dark even with all the lamps on. I was quite scared when we had to put the lights out. There was just something creepy about the room. I kept wakening up all the time and we were scaring ourselves making shapes out of the shadows on the walls! Over active imaginations me thinks! We must’ve watched about 5 episodes of The Cosby Show before we went to sleep ...maybe that’s what kept us awake!

Very uneventful blog. Must do better.

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