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Day 14 North America Tour - 24th July 2007

Day 14 North America Tour - 24th July 2007


We’re currently an hour and a half from Kentucky. The weather isn’t so good today. It’s quite overcast but it’s still really warm. We’re hoping we get wi-fi at the hotel so we can post some pictures up on the website for you all to see. Tonight is the last show with Scissors for Lefty so I can feel the madness setting in already. Who knows what’s in store.

I’ve noticed that the further in land we travel, the thicker the accents become. The locals don’t understand us and vice versa. We really feel like we’re in the sticks now as the houses look like shacks and there are only about 2 other cars on the road. We’ve actually just passed a lorry with half a house on it! The other half passed us 2minutes later on another truck. It was a rather bizarre sight.

I’ve just had a wee laugh to myself reading over the last line of the first paragraph; “I can feel the madness setting in already”. How true. It’s now the following day and I’m just mulling over last night’s antics! There was indeed plenty madness.

We got to the venue in Lexington at about 7:30pm. It was brilliant that there had only been a 3 hour drive since we were able to chill out at the hotel all day. This, as you’ll know from reading my earlier blogs, is a rarity. I was in geek heaven, taking advantage of the free wireless internet, updating all our social networking sites with pictures and blogs. I have also just discovered Chess on my computer so that has been keeping me entertained for many hours. I’m terrible at it but I’m sure as the tour goes on, I’ll eventually win a game.

On arrival at The Dame, we loaded in the gear as quickly as possible so we could get the sound check out the way and go and enjoy a nice dinner together. Scissors for Lefty were already at the venue and ended up taking us out for dinner. They are really lovely boys and are one of the few bands we’ve met when touring who are so sociable and great company. We went to a Thai restaurant across the road from the gig and had a very healthy tofu curry. This will rid me of the guilt I’m still enduring after scoffing far too many chicken wings and cheese fries the other night.

After we ate we had to head straight over to the gig and get ready to perform! Sometimes we forget that’s why we’re here we’re having such a great time! We put on a cracking show and had Robbie from Scissors for Lefty up on stage to play tambourine in, I Need You. He loved it really! They bought us all a proper Kentucky Bourbon shot that we downed before the last song which certainly improved our technique and abilities! Wonderful stuff!

When it was Scissors for Lefty’s turn to don the stage, we returned the favour but with Black Sambucca. My earlier prediction at 1pm today was turning out to be quite accurate...the madness had arrived. After their set, their was much dancing to the tunes the DJ was providing. I say dancing but it was more like random throwing of limbs and a very dangerous game of jumping up to try and smack the glitter ball. Dangerous when there is a puddle of vodka and sprite right on the landing patch....caused by Gill “the spill”.

I seem to remember having another couple of black sambucca shots and feeling that I was the best dancer in Lexington. The way my back feels today is certainly an indication that I am NOT Madonna and more like Mad Lizzy, The Green Goddess.

We were carted out to the van by Rosie of all people at about 2am. She drew the short straw having to chauffeur us home so poor Frank could get a beer for a change. I think carnage would be a good word to use to describe us in action.

A great night and a good farewell to Scissors for Lefty. After seeing us on top form they probably now think that we have actually lost the plot or are just scared of us.

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