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West Coast USA Day 1 (20th November 2007)

20th November 2007

Day One – West Coast USA

17:10 (Weegie time)

Good afternoon or good morning?! I’m not sure which it is. We’re currently travelling back in time so I’m a little confused. We’ve been on the go since 4:30am this morning. The journey began from Glasgow Airport. We flew from there down to Heathrow where we caught the flight to LA. We’ve been on the plane for 7 hours so far and there’s 3 hours to go. I’m not feeling too bad at the moment. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the Rosie managed to wangle us a cheeky upgrade! The plan was that all 5 of us would escape the pleb section but instead we only got 2 seats upgraded. We agreed to swap with the others half way through the flight to make it fair but every time we shuffle through to the back to get them we get a lovely view of Gill & Tippi’s tonsils. They are out for the count and flat out across the spare seats. It’s no SilverJet but we can’t have everything!

I've just had a peek out the window to see huge glaciers and miles and miles of snow and ice. I think we’re over Canada. I’m playing my favourite Joni Mitchell album, Blue, which seems to fit the surroundings. The plane is pretty quiet and we’re trying to get as much sleep as we can as it’ll be afternoon when we arrive in La La Land and a whole day ahead of us! The weather is supposed to be about 20ish degrees so we’ll be hitting the pool when we get there.

We’re staying at the hotel we were in last time which is great as it’s handy for the shopping, the pub, the Chinese oh and the gigs! It’s right below the Hollywood hills and the big sign can be seen from the hotel! I brought my trainers with me this time for some jogging action. Those pizza slices will not be getting the better of me this time!

Speaking of Joni Mitchell, Laurel Canyon where she used to hang out with Neil Young and the likes is close to our hotel so I’m keen to make it up there this time. I don’t think any of them stay up there now but it would be cool just see the area. We might do the celebrity tack tour this time as well! There’s a bus that takes you on a jaunt round the Hollywood Hills and passes all the stars’ houses! Cheesey but it’ll be PDs well spent! Ha ha ha!

The wenches are still sleeping so no antics to report. I’m sure it won’t be long til the stories start to build up. Can’t wait til we get there. It’s going to be brilliant!

01:33 Weegie Time/ 17:33 LA time

That’s us just arrived at the hotel. I can hardly see I’m so tired. We though we’d have time for sunbathing when we got here but it’s dark! How depressing. We need to fight the tiredness for a few more hours so we can sync to the right time so we’re heading to an amazing Chinese down the road for a big bowl of noodle soup. Tippi’s giving it a miss. She’s away to look for Riveta and cold meat…..good luck hen! We are pretty scunnered that we forgot tea bags as you can’t get a decent cuppa tea here. The sparra ( Tippi) only brought 5 so they are rationed. This could be problematic since we are sharing this room for 10 days and she only has enough tea bags for 5 days. Crabbit Tippi at 7am without tea is not a pleasant experience. This could get interesting.

Right well that’s enough typing for one night. I’m actually going cross-eyed. I’ll have to venture out with my specs on so I can see the menu. Soup in specs shocker!

Well night night and I hope to have some amusing stories for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Night night x

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