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West Coast Tour Day 6 - Sunday 25th November 2007

Not a lot to report from today. We were off so we’ve just been hanging around like bad smells. We decided to get ready to leave the hotel for 11:30am so we could hit the shops and get our Christmas shopping done. We found out that there’s a mall close to the hotel. Well, close in LA terms means 25 minutes away. Everything is so spread out here that you need a car to get from A to B. Frank very kindly took us to the mall, called The Beverly Centre, so we could spend our rock n roll readies. The truth is he was glad to get rid of us and get 5 minutes peace and quiet. We forget that Frank must get fed up of 4 crowing woman nipping his head all the time! Poor man. Although we keep reminding him that there are men who would kill to be in his shoes….ha ha ha! Aye right!

On the way to the shops we were sitting in the van like coiled springs. When Frank parked up you couldn’t see us for dust. You’d have thought they were giving away free clothes! The place was huge - so big in fact that it took us 10 minutes to get in the place! We had to tackle 4 floors of escalators just to get to the shopping floors. The first 2 floors were made up of food stores. Quelle surprise! The first shop we came to was horrendous. It made Gill cry and Rosie was almost greetin’! It was a pet shop and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The walls were lined with glass cases containing puppies stacked 3 high right round the shop. It was really sad to see the wee pups jumping at the glass from inside the cages which weren’t fit for rats. Sometimes there were 3 or 4 dogs in one glass case all jumping on top of each other. Gill burst into tears because she saw a wee dog that was exactly like hers. It was terrible. I can’t believe they are allowed to do that. It’s so cruel.

Once we got over the shock of this, we moved on to the clothes shops. We decided to split up and meet in 5 hours. Oh yes, we had big plans! After the first hour I began to realise that the much anticipated spending frenzy wasn’t going according to plan. A lot of the shops were full of designer nonsense that was over priced. Only neds with money buy that rubbish. Anyway, for my family who are probably reading this, I did manage to get your Christmas presents so if I’m over my baggage allowance on the way home the least you could do is help me out with the charge. Oh and Mini Soup, I can’t wait to see your face when you open your pressie! I am a nice sister really. And no, it’s not a puppy!

After about 3 hours we all met up and decided to call it a day. It was bit of a disappointment I would rather have spent 3 hours wandering around Best Buy. So back to the hotel we went with sore feet and very sore heads. A big cup of Tetley tea made in the microwave was in order. Once we laid out the purchases on our beds and admired them we got tidied up and headed out to our local Chinese. There was some Santa Parade on down the street and they closed Hollywood Blvrd which was causing chaos. Our journey home from the shops took an hour. Bah Humbug! We body swerved the parade and went straight into the restaurant and scoffed loads of grub. It’s sad when you have a day off and you have nothing to do so you start to plan what you’ll have for dinner at 11 in the morning. That’s exactly what we did. Wouldn’t most guy bands be in the pub getting absolutely hammered? Probably!

After dinner we sauntered back up to the hotel. I managed to resist the temptation to venture into the Powerhouse, the hole in the wall pub next door to the Chinese. Gill and Frank went in for one or two and a game of electronic darts. Tippi and I put the dreaded TV on for the first time this tour and tried not to get crabbit and the adverts every 10 minutes. We decided to watch one of the many Christmas films that seem to be on telly at the moment. Slightly premature if you ask me. Well, I don’t care which of you laugh here but we sat in and watched Elf. It was hilarious!

Anyway, I crashed out as soon as it was finished cos I’m still feeling done in, it’s terrible. I just remember Tippi going away to brush her teeth and she told me this morning that when she came back in the room I was snoring. Oh dear. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that the toilet light was on. Tippi was saying this morning that she had a terrible nightmare and was scared. Ha ha ha! She said that she was ready for putting one of the arm chairs up against the door and plan B was to get Frank up out his bed to put her up in the fancy Renaissance hotel across the road. Like that was going to happen. I think she’s losing the plot. Either that or the Chinese food doesn’t agree!

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